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Sharm - Lucifer (Gothic Ballad)

Download   Sharm – Lucifer (Gothic Ballad) Where will you go now my Lucifer. Your world is broken, you breathe no more. And in your sorrow you close your eyes. And reap destruction through all our lives. And we will weep for a while. Your heart is gone. But well not fall. Time cant erase […]

  Download Latin (as in the soundtrack) Correct Latin English translation sanguis bebimus sanguinem bibimus We drink the blood corpus edimus corpus edimus We eat the body tolle corpus Satani tolle corpus Satanae Raise the body of Satan ave, ave Versus Christus! avē, avē Antichriste! Hail, Hail Antichrist! ave Satani! avē Satana! Hail Satan!   […]